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Who We Are:

Beneficial Building Services provides cost-effective cleaning solutions for businesses of all sizes. For more than 30 years, our experience, knowledge, and efficiency has made us a valued partner to the businesses that we serve. We are committed to offering the best facilities services in the industry.

We are more than a cleaning and maintenance company. We are public health stewards and help maintain environments to improve health, protect against illness and disease, and, most importantly, improve the lives of building occupants.

Beneficial takes a triple bottom line (people, planet, and profits) approach to business. We incorporate the idea of sustainability into every business decision, and we take the idea of social responsibility very seriously.

Our mission is to live the three C’s every single day: Character, Competence, and Caring. Our entire organization is centered around the characteristics, and it impacts everything from our training programs to our billing structure.

What We Do:

Why are we the best?

 We love what we do! We get to be the caretakers of some amazing buildings. We get to improve the life of occupants and see the direct fruits of our hard work. We know that our work keeps people safe and healthy, and we’re proud of our accomplishments. Our innovative and socially responsible HR programs and compensation packages have also built a solid foundation of caring, competence, and character that we promote as a team.

What makes us special?

We care. We understand that our work is a reflection of ourselves and embrace our role in the community. We believe that when we get to work each day, we can make the world a healthier, safer, and better place. We’re not motivated by maximizing shareholder profits. Our major concern is maximizing stakeholder value – from our clients to our employees to our vendors and service providers. We believe that this synergy makes us truly unique in our industry.

When did we start?

Beneficial was founded in 1983 and has now been a trusted service provider for the Northeast Ohio area for over 30 years. We are extremely proud of our long history and our family-owned roots. We still operate within Beneficial as a large family, and we work daily to never let that change.

Why Choose Us?


Beneficial follows all applicable LEED standards when providing service. We feature industry leading sustainability initiatives as part of our basic service package. We don't charge extra for doing things the right way.

Structured for Success

Lean and efficient operations reduce unnecessary overhead and cost. With everyone pitching in and working together, Beneficial is a service dynamo.

Cost Savings

Focus on the management and efficiency of our people, processes, and controls leads to a direct cost savings for our customers. We are typically able to cut costs for our customers while also giving them a service upgrade.

Enhanced HR

Drug tests, background checks, and employee development programs. Yeah, we do them all. Low turnover and consistent work performance from engaged and motivated employees. Guaranteed!


We work around your schedule and with your specifications. We make it happen exactly the way you want.

Direct Executive Involvement

Our management team regularly visits with you and your site to make sure you’re getting results.

Multiple Specializations

Being the best in a number of fields is no small feat. It simplifies your life and adds to pricing efficiency.


We love taking care of our customers and being public health stewards. Beneficial values our employee relationship, and we show that love by paying livable wages and providing employee development programs.

Family Owned

Beneficial is a family. We're in it together. Our focus is on serving our customers and advancing the lives of our employees, not maximizing shareholder profits.

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