Cleaning and Janitorial

Efficient, sustainable, and socially responsible services.
Janitorial and Office Cleaning by Beneficial for Akron Canton Cleveland

Our janitorial services team will leave your building clean, safe, and healthy on a nightly basis. Beneficial follows LEED standards during our cleaning process and emphasizes our sustainable approach through an enhanced HR Process.

Beneficial cleans for more than appearance. Our janitorial team is focused on improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for building occupants. We view ourselves as public safety and health stewards and are proud to contribute to the well-being of every individual in a facility.

Having a regulated cleaning process is essential to uniform results. Beneficial has based our janitorial and cleaning operations around LEED standards and requirements. We hold ourselves to these standards at no additional cost because we feel that it is the right way to do business.

Our goal is to maximize value for every customer. Our janitorial team undergoes a thorough HR process that helps with retention and performance, while also reducing employee problems.

  • Sustainable Services – LEED Compliant
  • Pioneering HR Programs
  • Low Employee Turnover
  • High Employee Engagement

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