Hard Surface Floor Care

From refinishing to top-scrubbing, Beneficial has you covered.

Do your floors shine? Beneficial can improve appearance while also helping longevity and performance of your hard surface flooring systems. Whether you have VCT, ceramic tile, or natural stone, Beneficial can make it look fantastic!

Regular maintenance of your hard surfaces can reduce or eliminate the need for harsh strippers and solvents. It can save you money while also improving your building’s appearance and employees’ health.

Your hard surface floors are central to your building’s aesthetic appearance. Beneficial is experienced in dealing with multiple flooring systems and can structure a unique maintenance package for your facility. 

    Regular Maintenance Benefits

  • Extended lifespan.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Improved facility health.
  • Elimination of harsh solvents and strippers. 
Talk to one of our IICRC specialists today! We can tailor a service package for your budget and style of building.

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