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Sustainable, Efficient, and Socially Responsible Services for the Medical Setting
Cleveland Akron Medical Services

Bringing all of your services under one roof will help your industrial facility save money, while also streamlining communications and increasing safety. We’ll close the service loop making sure you get great results from the start while also improving service quality on a daily basis.

Whether you are a large medical complex or a small clinic, Beneficial can improve service quality, increase accountability, and save you money.

Low turnover combined with a strong work ethic and the best support services in the industry ensures you will have terrific team members at your facility. The entire Beneficial team is linked closely through our employee development programs and in-house promotion policies. We will be a model of consistency and dependability at your space.

The right process synergize with staffing excellence. All employees are taught standardized, environmentally preferred cleaning methodology (LEED compliant), which they are then tested on. They must implement the process in the field and pass a field examination. Regular process reinforcement and examination maintains a high level of accuracy, efficiency, and accountability in daily operations.

Regular performance evaluations are conducted by independent monitors to ensure quality standards are being met and all safety protocol is followed. Monthly and quarterly goals are set with building management to target improved building appearance, increased efficiency, and reduced operating cost.

We can help you in numerous areas including:

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