03 Nov 2014

3 Big Reasons Why Your Cleaning Service Shouldn’t Be Treated As a Commodity

Let’s face it. If you’re a facility manager or property manager, you have a million things to juggle, and one of those million things is your cleaning service. Based on your past experience, you might have decided that  all cleaning companies are basically the same–that office cleaning is office cleaning, and janitorial work is the same across the spectrum. Pricing is probably your main driving force when choosing a janitorial vendor. This is actually a typical approach when choosing between commodities.

If you’re taking this approach, we would like to insist (very politely, of course) that you’re probably missing out on great service and value-laden opportunities. While pricing is definitely a differentiator, value should be considered alongside price when it comes to choosing a vendor because, as we firmly believe, cleaning services are simply not a commodity.

 Okay, we’ve used that word “commodity” twice now. Just what is a commodity? A commodity is defined as a class of goods for which there is demand–but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market.* In simple English, this just means that no matter from whom you purchase the product or service, it’ll be the same, with no difference between choices.

 Let’s go over 3 reasons why we feel this definition just doesn’t work in the janitorial/office cleaning sector.

  1. Levels of Service: While you hire a cleaning and janitorial service provider to clean your building, you’re also hiring them to act as a steward of the facility and its occupants. They’re there to take care of the building, report issues, and alert proper authorities of any abnormalities or potential hazards. A cleaning service provider should be doing way more than just cleaning! Make sure that this is also factored into the price.
  2. Geographic Specialization: Commodities are, again, the same across all regions. And while Beneficial’s main goal is to provide supremely excellent service across all the different markets we service, we are proud to be headquartered in Akron, Ohio. We intimately know the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas. We know our workforce and how to succeed in our local relationships. By working with local partnerships, we’re able to respond to emergencies immediately with deeply knowledgeable and localized service.
  3. Level of Specialization: The level of specialized cleaning varies drastically between janitorial and cleaning service providers. Beneficial is proud to follow LEED prescribed cleaning methodologies. We specialize in maintaining healthy indoor air quality, which has been proven to improve occupant health and productivity.

How do you view your cleaning service provider? Are they just a commodity, or are they a strategic asset for building value within your organization?




* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodity

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