24 Nov 2014

5 Criteria to Consider When Selecting Your Next Cleaning Company

Choosing a cleaning company in the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility and frustration. While most office cleaning and janitorial companies offer similar basic services, a select few can offer deeper value-added benefits.

First and foremost, your office cleaning company should be utilizing a green cleaning process. No excuses! While almost every company touts green cleaning nowadays, be on the look out for greenwashing. Greenwashing is the marketing of green services without actually putting them into practice. Make sure your cleaning company is actually  following LEED criteria for green cleaning.

LEED cleaning Beneficial Building Services

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Another way of differentiating cleaning and janitorial companies is by their response time. Are they available 24/7? Do they employ local staff and have resources available to respond to any cleaning issues that come up? It takes a conscious effort for a cleaning company to respond promptly to cleaning service requests and emergencies.

Thirdly, does your cleaning company help you watch over your facility, or are they just there to punch the clock, do the bare minimum, and head home? A cleaning company can truly be a strategic asset in the security of your building. A  feedback loop with your cleaning company can help you stay ahead of maintenance issues and potential security hazards.

Next, is your cleaning company a full-service janitorial provider? Will they be able to handle all janitorial issues that may come up at your facility? Make sure they’re able to refinish your floor and clean your carpets to the highest standard. If they can assist you with landscaping and snow removal, then you can really simplify your service vendor equation.

Finally, and not to be taken lightly, is there a sense of family and deep commitment within the organization? This is tougher to evaluate and may not be overtly evident, but it can be the most important thing to consider when choosing a potential service partner. If the organization displays this sense of commitment and integration internally, it would follow logically that they would treat you as an additional family member. It’s important for your cleaning company to take the job personally. They have a direct impact on every single occupant of the building, and they need to go out of their way to care for each and every one in your building.

If your cleaning company isn’t t up to snuff on these 5 criteria, give  Beneficial Building Services a call. We are a family-run company dedicated to forming long-term synergistic partnerships with our clients that increase your value over time. A better relationship starts here!

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