06 Aug 2015

7 Reasons to Switch to Contract Cleaning Services

Why Would I Want Contract Cleaning Services at My Facility?

contract cleaning services

Here are seven great reason as to why you may want to think about contract cleaning for your building.

1. Equipment: The contractor will have all the necessary equipment to make your building look great and keep it healthy. You would not be responsible for the purchase or maintenance of the equipment.

2. Supplies: A contractor purchases cleaning materials in large quantities on a wholesale level.  There may be savings over what you would pay for the same in smaller quantities.

3. Performance Standards: The contractor would provide the optimum number of cleaners to meet the standards and levels of cleanliness that you specify. Specialization in green cleaning also helps improve the health of your building while reducing waste.

4. Labor: The contractor’s pool of labor should provide you with the flexibility required to meet varying cleaning needs and emergencies that may pop up.

5.  Management: Less administrative management may be required in your organization since there would be less people to manage.

6. Wage Rates: If the contractor’s labor wage rates are substantially lower than yours, the contract should be more favorable from a cost perspective.

7. Cost:  The cost of contractor services are fixed for a pre-determined length of time and fairly predictable from a long-term perspective.

Hiring a contractor frees you from the headaches of absenteeism, turnover and training, labor relations, employee demands, equipment failure and replacement, and insurance claims.

If you are looking for cleaning contractor, please give Beneficial Building Services a call today!


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