21 Sep 2016

10 Common Cleaning Mistakes

Here are 10 tips to avoid common cleaning mistakes: Failing to read the directions: Reading the directions before you use a product ensures that you are using it properly and for the right appliance or surface. There are certain products that you should never use to clean the inside of your oven or microwave for instance, and knowing which products...

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02 Jun 2016

Beneficial is Your Janitorial Services Winning Team

With the NBA finals underway, you are probably rooting for your favorite team (Go Cavs!) to win it all this year. Now is the perfect time for you to pick up a “W” for yourself with a cleaning company that provides you better services at better prices. Having a janitorial services contractor that provides quality service not only takes the task...

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02 May 2016

Customer Service and Your Janitorial Service Relationship

Quality customer service plays a vital role to a company’s survival within any competitive industry, and that includes the janitorial service business. All successful commercial cleaning companies have one thing that allows them to keep clients over the long-run. That essential element is top notch customer service. Customer service is a key component for janitorial service companies and determines their future success. We...

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28 Apr 2016

Selecting a Janitorial Service Provider in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton

If you own or manage a building of any sort, the chances are good that you may need a cleaning company to maintain your property. Whether you have years of experience with handling cleaning companies or you are just starting out, there are many things to keep in mind to be certain that you are choosing the right janitorial service for you....

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12 Feb 2016

Falling Out of Love with Your Office Cleaning?

Is your your building missing that fresh, clean spark that it used to have? The problem may be that your janitorial and office cleaning provider is just not that into you. A drab and dusty facility sends the wrong message to occupants and visitors. If you’re looking for a better relationship, Beneficial Building Services would love to propose our services. We’ll...

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24 Nov 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are extremely grateful to be celebrating another Thanksgiving with our staff, clients and vendors. We are thankful to have such a wonderful working relationship with our extended business family, and hope to continue being a leader in the Akron, Cleveland and Canton communities. We hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving and are able to spend meaningful time with family and...

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06 Aug 2015

7 Reasons to Switch to Contract Cleaning Services

Why Would I Want Contract Cleaning Services at My Facility? Here are seven great reason as to why you may want to think about contract cleaning for your building. 1. Equipment: The contractor will have all the necessary equipment to make your building look great and keep it healthy. You would not be responsible for the purchase or maintenance of the...

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24 Apr 2015

Let Beneficial Building Services Do Your Spring Cleaning

Is cleaning on your mind this spring? Our industry leading green cleaning programs are raising the bar in sustainability and can make a difference at your facility. We can tailor a cleaning program that will freshen your indoor environment, improve Indoor Air Quality, and even boost the productivity of your employees. Winter is over. If your office is looks gray and drab, give...

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21 Jan 2015

A New Year for Janitorial Services in Akron and Cleveland

2015 is upon us! Beneficial Building Services is excited to swing into the new year with new customers and exciting new relationships. We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2014. It was certainly a year of transition, change, and growth. We worked diligently to keep making sure that Beneficial Building Services was providing the best janitorial services in the...

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18 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays From Beneficial Building Services

Beneficial Building Services would like to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you, your family, and your organization. We’ve had an amazing year at Beneficial and are looking forward to more awesomeness in the coming months. If you’re not currently working with us, and your cleaning company has left you with bag of coal this year, make sure to give us a call....

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10 Dec 2014

Cleveland Office Cleaning in Winter

When the snow starts coming down in a white blanket, and the salt begins to fly in Cleveland, is your office cleaning provider ready to transition to winter services? Wintertime is the most challenging part of the year for an office cleaning company. Janitorial companies have to deal with inclement weather outside, which then is brought inside as building...

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01 Dec 2014

A Better Cleaning Company for Your Budget

As the mercury begins to drop and we start preparing for another Cleveland winter, we also enter the heart of budgeting season. If you are a facilities director or property manager, now is the time when you’re planning and forecasting your expenses for the coming year. You’re very aware that one of your biggest expenses is your cleaning company....

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25 Nov 2014

A Whole Lot of Thanks from Beneficial Building Services

We want to say thank you for connecting with Beneficial and being part of our network. We’re thrilled and immensely thankful to be able to dialogue together. We hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving and are able to spend meaningful time with family and loved ones. Thanksgiving gives the team at Beneficial an opportunity to reflect on all the amazing positives that we’ve...

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24 Nov 2014

5 Criteria to Consider When Selecting Your Next Cleaning Company

Choosing a cleaning company in the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility and frustration. While most office cleaning and janitorial companies offer similar basic services, a select few can offer deeper value-added benefits. First and foremost, your office cleaning company should be utilizing a green cleaning process. No excuses! While almost every...

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03 Nov 2014

3 Big Reasons Why Your Cleaning Service Shouldn’t Be Treated As a Commodity

Let’s face it. If you’re a facility manager or property manager, you have a million things to juggle, and one of those million things is your cleaning service. Based on your past experience, you might have decided that  all cleaning companies are basically the same–that office cleaning is office cleaning, and janitorial work is the same across the spectrum....

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29 Oct 2014

Hey, Akron, Cleveland, and Canton – Treat Yourself to Better Cleaning

Don’t be tricked into thinking that all janitorial and office cleaning companies are the same. Beneficial Building Services will treat you to a better service relationship. We can get your facility looking great, and free up time for you to pursue one of the million other things you have to do during your workday. We would like to wish...

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23 Sep 2014

A Secret Trick to Better Facilities Management

Beneficial Building Services has over 30 years of experience working with facility and property managers across the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas. We work in a diverse set of industry sectors – from medical to industrial to commercial – and have relationships with facilities of all sizes and occupancies. Over time, we have noticed there is one easy and...

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18 Sep 2014

The Local Difference – Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Beyond

Beneficial Building Services is proud to be headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Throughout the course of our 31 year history in Akron, we’ve done some really neat things and had the opportunity to work for (and keep working with) some amazing clients. Our relationship with our community has allowed the Beneficial story to be one of success. We have built...

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11 Sep 2014

A Different Type of Vendor Relationship

Beneficial offers our customers a different type of vendor relationship. While most building service contractors and janitorial companies seek to maximize revenue in the short-term and encourage shareholder rewards, Beneficial is deeply committed to a long-term stakeholder approach. Our long-term approach has allowed Beneficial to thrive for over 30 years and has made us a mainstay in Akron, Canton,...

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