10 Common Cleaning Mistakes

Here are 10 tips to avoid common cleaning mistakes: Failing to read the directions: Reading the directions before you use a product ensures that you are using it properly and for the right appliance or surface. There are certain products that you should never use to clean the inside of your oven or microwave for instance, and knowing which products...

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Selecting a Janitorial Service Provider in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton

If you own or manage a building of any sort, the chances are good that you may need a cleaning company to maintain your property. Whether you have years of experience with handling cleaning companies or you are just starting out, there are many things to keep in mind to be certain that you are choosing the right janitorial service for you....

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Cleveland Office Cleaning in Winter

When the snow starts coming down in a white blanket, and the salt begins to fly in Cleveland, is your office cleaning provider ready to transition to winter services? Wintertime is the most challenging part of the year for an office cleaning company. Janitorial companies have to deal with inclement weather outside, which then is brought inside as building...

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