How Cleaning Promotes Health

07 Sep 2016

How Cleaning Promotes Health

Sure we all tend to scramble and try to get our homes in tip-top shape when we are expecting visitors, but did you know that regularly cleaning your home can do far more than make you a good host? A clean home and office actually play an important role in our physical and mental health and are key to leading a happy and healthy life.


Cleaning promotes health by:

  • Boosting your productivity: Because clutter is distracting, it affects your ability to focus and causes you to be less productive at home and in the workplace. De-cluttering your work space allows you to be more creative and focused and get more work done.
  • Keeping you and your family healthy: Nasty bacteria, dust and mold are all unable to thrive in clean environments. Regular dusting and cleaning improves your home’s air quality and significantly reduces the potential to cause illness.
  • Reducing anxiety, stress and depression: Cleanliness equals peacefulness. Throughout the day, our stress hormones are meant to rise and then fall, but coming home to clutter and a million things to do every day can prevent the natural decline of these hormones. This increases your stress levels, and over time anxiety and depression are more likely to occur. A clean and organized home allows you to relax and rest after a long day, allowing your body to reduce stress.
  • Helping you sleep better: Keeping a clean home can help you sleep better for multiple reasons. One reason is that because your stress levels decrease, you have less on your mind at night and can fall asleep faster and more peacefully. Another is that along with regularly washing your pillows and blankets, keeping work related and last-minute tasks out of the bedroom allows your bedroom to remain a sanctuary for relaxation and rest.
  • Promoting healthy eating & weight loss: A good cleaning session usually doubles as quite a workout for some of us and gives us a sense of accomplishment. Organized people are more likely to plan meals ahead of time and prepare healthier foods than those who have no choice but to grab what is most readily available to them, which is usually unhealthy packaged and processed meals.

As you can see, regular cleaning and organization promotes a healthy lifestyle in several ways and although it’s not always fun a task, the pros of cleaning far outweigh the cons, and will allow you to lead a happier and healthier life!

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