10 Dec 2014

Cleveland Office Cleaning in Winter

When the snow starts coming down in a white blanket, and the salt begins to fly in Cleveland, is your office cleaning provider ready to transition to winter services?

Cleaning for the Winter in Cleveland

At least someone is happy about all this snow!

Wintertime is the most challenging part of the year for an office cleaning company. Janitorial companies have to deal with inclement weather outside, which then is brought inside as building occupants spend a majority of the day tracking snow, mud, water, and salt into the building.

Without a proactive moisture management system, your building can be creating a high slip and fall risk. Make sure you are working with your office cleaning provider to ensure a safe environment for all occupants and that you have moisture control systems in place.

In addition to managing moisture issues, your office cleaning company has to manage the salt that is thrown out around the exterior of the building. This creates an issue for mopping and also increases wear and tear on vacuum cleaners.

Mopping over salt will cause streaking on the floor. Make sure the officer cleaners are removing all salt from the floor before mopping. This is typically done by running a dry mop over the service beforehand. To counter any salt residue that may have been left over, they should use neutralizer tablets to ensure that no streaking occurs.

Vacuums take a beating during the winter time as salt accumulates in carpeted areas. While most commercial vacuums have no probably picking up salt, it does put a strain on the machines. Having a dual motor vacuum helps to mitigate the risk of vacuum burn-out during these tough times.

So as the snow starts coming down, stay warm and stay safe! Talk to your office cleaning provider and check what additional steps they are taking to maintain the health and safety of your building.

If you would like to learn more about Beneficial Building Services and our Winter Office Cleaning Action Strategy, give us a call today!


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