02 May 2016

Customer Service and Your Janitorial Service Relationship

Quality customer service plays a vital role to a company’s survival within any competitive industry, and that includes the janitorial service business. All successful commercial cleaning companies have one thing that allows them to keep clients over the long-run. That essential element is top notch customer service. Customer service is a key component for janitorial service companies and determines their future success. We have compiled a short list of items that enhance a service relationship. These are things you should look from from your janitorial service vendors.

Beneficial Building Services Teamwork

Here are a few examples of what excellent customer service in a janitorial relationship should look like:

  • Listen to and understand the customer as they describe their ideal cleaning services for maintaining a facility.
  • Document and remember key elements about the customer and their facility.
  • Respect the customer and respect the customer’s wants and needs within a facility’s care and maintenance.
  • Remember that each customer is unique, it is important to treat each facility as such.
  • Immediately address and solve any issues between your commercial cleaning company and a customer or facility.
  • Communication is key! – Keep your customer informed and updated on the status of their facility at all times.
  • Look the part – Your vendor is a guest at the facility. They should always look and act the part. They are invited in and that invitation can be revoked at any time.

In any commercial cleaning company, the goal is to be a long standing company that sets the standard for all other cleaning companies around. Along with hard work, dedication and knowledge of your field, providing quality customer care by meeting and exceeding your customer’s needs will keep any janitorial service company around for years and years to come. When you are dedicated to your customers, your customers will be dedicated to you!

If you feel like that the customer service may be lacking from your janitorial service vendor, give Beneficial Building Services a call today.


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