12 Jul 2016

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

We all get that rewarding feeling after we spend hours cleaning and can see the huge difference it makes in the appearance of our home. We also all know that feeling we get shortly after when the mess starts to build back up. Truth is, sometimes it is just hard to stay organized no matter how much time you spend cleaning. We’ve put together some cleaning and organization tips to help make keeping a clean home an easier job.

house clean and organization

  1. Make your bed every day: Sure it’s just some sheets and pillows, but you’d be surprised at what a difference making your bed every morning can do for the appearance of your home. As soon as you hop out of bed in the morning, rearrange your blankets and pillows, at the end of the day you will thank yourself for completing the 3-minute task as your bed invites you to relax.
  2. Clean up your living room before bed every night: It’s called “the living room” for a reason. We spend plenty of time in our living rooms every day, and it doesn’t take much for it to get messy. Because our guests and ourselves spend so much time in this room, if you tidy it up before bed every night it will make a big difference for the day to come.
  3. Keep things at their point of use: It is easier to stay organized if you keep things where you use them. For instance, hang your keys directly by the front door, this way you won’t forget them as often and they will be harder to lose if you keep them in one spot.
  4. Keep a small bin or basket in each room: This way, you’ll have a place to throw random items that you can put away later instead of allowing them to take up space. This also allows you to put things away at your own pace without feeling like clutter is building up.
  5. Dust frequently: It’s not really an organization tip, but it will definitely keep your home cleaner. Dust accumulates quickly especially on furniture, so dusting often will keep your home cleaner and healthier!
  6. Get your kids involved: Do a 10 – 15 minute “power clean” every day, set a timer or play a few songs and see how much gets done. You can even reward your kids with a treat or extra playtime if they need incentive.
  7. De-clutter the bathroom: Bathrooms are notorious for collecting dirt and clutter. Minimize the mess by organizing items by category – shower items, medicines, hair products, etc. Also, be sure to wipe down sinks, counters, and clean toilets daily to avoid build-up of water stains, mold, dirt and grime.
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