18 Sep 2014

The Local Difference – Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Beyond

Beneficial Building Services is proud to be headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Throughout the course of our 31 year history in Akron, we’ve done some really neat things and had the opportunity to work for (and keep working with) some amazing clients.


Our relationship with our community has allowed the Beneficial story to be one of success. We have built and grown successful relationships with a number of clients, and have also grown our relationship with the northeast Ohio area.

Our identity as an office cleaning service provider is shaped by a distinctly northeast Ohio attitude. Our community is full of people who roll up their sleeves and get things done. They helped turn NEO into the manufacturing hub of the United States, and they will continue to make this region a vital economic zone with the coming years. Ego-free and hard working, we’re not big on fluff and big talk. We just want to go out and do things better and more efficiently than anyone else. Beneficial acknowledges the ethos that makes our communities great, and we’re proud to have grown up under these circumstances. We wouldn’t want to be located anywhere else in the world!

NEO has had some tough breaks in recent years. As the manufacturing sector has slowed, job growth and income levels have stagnated and in some areas even declined. We’re certain that as we push forward, Akron, Canton, and Cleveland will respond to these challenges. Beneficial will continue to support the firms that will answer the call through efficient, and dependable cleaning and janitorial services. We will continue to ensure that they have a safe, healthy and clean work space every single day.

Beneficial looks forward to continuing to service our local partners and building a relationship with the new and exciting companies that will continue to spring up.

We’re a local success story. Check us out! We’ve been creating jobs, and making a difference in our community for over three decades. We would love to partner with your firm and work together in shaping a bright economic future for Akron, Canton, and Cleveland!

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