07 Oct 2014

Are You Overpaying for Your Cleaning Services?

As a facilities director, operations manager, or property manager one of your biggest expenses is going to be the cleaning service provider at your facility.  According to BOMA study conducted in 2011, cleaning and janitorial services account for 12% of building operating costs. This is a healthy portion of your operating budget. Are you getting the most of this service?


Price and value do not always correlate. As we climb out of the Great Recession and an era of deep budget cuts, it’s a good time to take a look at the value that your service provider offers. Your cleaning provider will have a residual effect on parallel building operations. Your cleaning service or janitorial provider will also impact security costs, utilities costs, repair and maintenance costs, as well as using up your administrative resources. Let’s take a look at how each of these is affected individually.

While cleaning personnel are not frequently imagined as security officers, they can aid and assist in building security. Proper training and employee engagement can prevent break-ins. At Beneficial Building Services, cleaners are trained to spot and report irregularities they may notice on-site in the evenings. Examples could include a typically locked door that was left propped open when they arrived, or a suspicious person showing up on the premises. Immediately reporting such an incident, could save the tenant and building owner thousands of dollars from potential thefts.

Expertly trained janitorial and cleaning staff can also save your building money in the utilities department. Water efficient cleaning systems minimize water waste. Automated chemical dispensing systems save water, conserve chemicals, and help improve Indoor Air Quality by accurately rationing out cleaning solutions. Using energy efficient cleaning machinery also reduces energy consumption.

A well-trained cleaning staff can also help with repairs and maintenance. They can assist with light duty maintenance such as changing out light bulbs and unclogging toilets. They also report issues before they turn into disasters, such as spotting leaks before they turn into floods and reporting any unsafe conditions before they injure or harm building occupants.

A value-driven cleaning service provider will also help your team conserve administrative resources. With a proactive communications loop that focuses on accountability, you can sleep easier while also facilitating smoother day-time operations. Having a trusted partner at your facility that is consistently working to save you time will make your life easier. And that is priceless.

This brings us back to the question we started with. Are you making the mistake of overpaying for your cleaning services? Are you maximizing the value that your cleaning service provider can provide? Beneficial Building Services goes beyond janitorial services. We take our roles as stewards of the building we service very seriously. Our entire organization has one focus each day – maximize value for our customer as efficiently as possible. Take a look around our website and let us know what you think!

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