23 Sep 2014

A Secret Trick to Better Facilities Management

Beneficial Building Services has over 30 years of experience working with facility and property managers across the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas. We work in a diverse set of industry sectors – from medical to industrial to commercial – and have relationships with facilities of all sizes and occupancies.

Over time, we have noticed there is one easy and simple trick to better management of a facility. We acknowledge that we may be slightly biased, but we do believe, and have seen, that hiring the right janitorial/office cleaning provider makes a huge difference in the success of facility and property managers. A good service provider makes a facility or property manager more successful by not wasting their time and

An open communications loop helps solve problems early and let's you sleep easier at night.

An open communications loop solves problems efficiently and let’s you sleep easier at night.

When you have a pro-active and engaged janitorial company monitoring the building in the evening, it frequently makes mornings less stressful. The janitorial company should be assessing your buildings nightly to make sure they are free of any hazards and issues, which could become huge problems come morning time.

Beneficial Building Services takes our stewardship of our assigned buildings very seriously. We work closely with property management to alert them when we see a number of red flags. These can include:

  1. Water leaks – Timely reporting of leaks can help prevent huge floods and save you a lot of $$$.
  2. Suspicious people or things on premises – We alert property management immediately if we see an unauthorized person on the premises or something out of the ordinary. We’re at the space every night and know what to expect. If something unexpected happens we alert management immediately. 
  3. Maintenance Issues – We note any and all maintenance issues and report them. These include things like a light bulbs being out, toilet clogs, and drains backing up. 

A clean and healthy building also increases occupant happiness and even productivity! According to a recent University of Minnesota study, cleaner buildings improved worker productivity by 6%. Occupants are also less likely to be sick and proper disinfection during the cleaning processes curbs the spreading of illnesses if they do come in sick.

Facility and property managers have to deal with complex eco-system inside their buildings. There are a multitude of moving parts, and a lot of people to keep healthy, happy and safe. Partnering with the right janitorial and office cleaning contractor can help increase accountability, efficiency, and safety.

How is your relationship with your commercial cleaning service provider? Are they making you a better manager? Give us a call or drop us  a line. We would love to go over how we can make your life in facilities management a little easier!

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