25 Nov 2014

A Whole Lot of Thanks from Beneficial Building Services

We want to say thank you for connecting with Beneficial and being part of our network. We’re thrilled and immensely thankful to be able to dialogue together. We hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving and are able to spend meaningful time with family and loved ones.

Thanks Beneficial Building Services

Thanks from Beneficial Building Services.

Thanksgiving gives the team at Beneficial an opportunity to reflect on all the amazing positives that we’ve been blessed with over the course of this past year. We’ve had a tremendous year at Beneficial, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunities that are consistently being afforded us to improve the lives of our customers, employees, and vendors. We’ve been fortunate enough to add several new clients as service partners this year and we’re thrilled to be making a direct impact in their lives on a daily basis.

If we’re currently not working together, we’re excited to keep up an ongoing conversation and look forward to hopefully being considered as strategic partner in the future.

Thanks from the entire team at Beneficial Building Services.

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